Summer Holiday – 7 Spots to Catch a Stunning Sunset in Los Angeles

Summer Holiday – 7 Spots to Catch a Stunning Sunset in Los Angeles

The City of Angels is known for many things; Its spectacular bright blue sky is one of them. With almost no clouds in sight, Los Angeles is sunny about 284 days a year. Hilton Hotels – Buy or Gift Hilton HHonors points and get up to 50% off .

More spectacular than midday sunshine, however, are the multicolored sunsets we get to live with day in and day out if lucky enough to be outdoors or near a window during Golden Hour.

No matter the occasion—romantic, nostalgic, reflective or festive—heading to any of these spots will surely brighten your mood, fill you with wonder and maybe even inspire some sort of artistic undertaking. I know one thing’s for sure: each day the sun goes down is another opportunity for adventure in LA.

Griffith Observatory

Take a drive up here if you want a sunset view that includes an up close and personal look through various telescopes at the Hollywood Sign, Downtown LA and the Pacific Ocean on super clear days (AKA no fog or smog).

1,134 feet above sea level, the Observatory has been free for visitors to explore since it opened in 1935. And while there is terrible cell service up on the hill, there is free public WiFi and free (though not plentiful) parking. Redeem fewer points and miles for more rewards!

The Castaway Burbank

This unassuming hilltop restaurant overlooks a golf course and prolific greenery in the San Fernando Valley. Grab a cocktail or a bite to eat at the award-winning steakhouse while welcoming dusk in this 75,000 square foot oasis.

I spent the eve of my 30th birthday here and literally watched the sun set on my 20s.

Manhattan Beach Pier

Although almost all of LA’s beaches have their own respective piers, this one is my personal favorite for observing nightfall. Less touristy than Santa Monica and Malibu, the Manhattan Beach Pier is 928 feet long and located at the end of Manhattan Beach Boulevard. Don’t forget your sweater—it tends to get real chilly real quick.

If you work up an appetite, there are lots of great food spots nearby, but heed parking warnings. I once got locked into a lot there (plus a ticket) while watching a hockey game and eating nachos at Shellback Tavern.


Point Vicente Lighthouse

Located in Rancho Palos Verdes, the Point Vicente Lighthouse is a major point of interest for locals and visitors alike. The lighthouse is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and can be seen from a few sites in the Palos Verdes area including Terranea Resort and Point Vicente Interpretive Center. Search United Airlines Flights @ If you’re lucky, your sunset adventure may double as an impromptu whale-watching outing.

Ascot Hills Park

Above what used to be a racetrack and not far from downtown LA, Ascot Hills Park offers 93 acres of hilly terrain for you to tour with your favorite humans and/or four-legged friends. Make sure to hike the main trail for breathtaking sunset views that include DTLA, Dodger Stadium, Palos Verdes and more.


Overlooking the ocean in eastern Malibu, this restaurant has an outdoor deck with comfy seating and fire pits. It’s the perfect place to have a drink while watching the sun fall into the ocean and listening to waves crash against the rocks directly below you.

Get there early; Moonshadows is popular, outdoor seating is first-come, first-served and it tends to fill up quickly.

ArcLight Cinemas

“But that’s a movie theater,” you’re thinking.

Yes, it is. And if you head up to the top level of the parking structure at the Hollywood location on Sunset Boulevard, you’ll experience some of the most magical cotton candy colors and vast sky you’ve ever seen in your life. A boyfriend took me up there once, and while our relationship didn’t last very long, that fiery sunset is burned in my memory forever. (Just trust me on this one. You’re welcome.) Buy Starwood Buy & Gift Miles and Get Rewards.

Summer Special Pack Your Bags And Get Your Vacation On!

Summer Special Pack Your Bags And Get Your Vacation On!

Summer is the hottest of the four temperate seasons, falling between spring and autumn. At the summer solstice, the days are longest and the nights are shortest, with day-length decreasing as the season progresses after the solstice.Search American Airlines Flights @

Air traveler numbers this 2017 summer are expected to rise over last year summer according to the trade group air travel survey. Airlines expect to carry 234 million passengers from June 1 2017 through Aug. 31, 2017 up from the summer record of 225 million a year ago,

Flying halfway around the planet is a shocking, yet exciting, experience. Think about it. You can wake up at home, yet end the day in an entirely different country with an unfamiliar landscape, culture and feel.
While the exhilaration of traveling somewhere new is hard to match, it does come at a cost. To get somewhere far away, you often must fly for eight, ten or sixteen hours in a single sitting. That’s a long time on a plane, especially in coach. Here are some tips to help you endure:
Technology has made long-distance travel a lot easier to bear. Most long-haul carriers offer in-flightSummer Entertainments, and some even offer back-of-the-headrest entertainment devices in every single seat.
To get the most bang for your buck, make sure you book long- haul flights with carriers that do offer personal entertainment devices. Once you do, your twelve-hour flight can be less of a burden and more of the perfect opportunity to watch four or five movies in a row.
Keep in mind that one carrier can differ from another, and even the age of the aircraft in question can affect entertainment availability. Thus, look closely at which plane you’d be flying and do your research.
If you don’t want to stare at a screen all day, bring a good book (or two), or a Kindle for reading. Occasional reading breaks mixed in with movies and napping can make the time fly by.
Long-haul flights are the absolute worst when you’re uncomfortable. To have the best chances at relaxation, consider paying extra to select your seat early. While you might balk at a $35 upcharge for an assigned window or aisle seat, you’ll wish you weren’t so cheap if you wind up stuck in the dreaded middle for an entire flight.
While sitting in economy plus is bearable, a business class seat (and especially a lie-flat seat) can make flying rather relaxing. If you have the money to splurge, consider spending the extra cash for more comfort on your longest flights. You can also sign up for an airline credit card to start saving miles for a business class seat instead.
Plane food isn’t that great anyway, but it’s especially awful when you get something you don’t like. If you’re a picky eater or just want something special, you can request a special meal ahead of time. Consider asking for a vegetarian, kosher, Asian, or Indian dish to mix things up.
Dressing comfortably isn’t the easiest thing to do if you’re heading straight from the airport to a business meeting. Fortunately, you can dress comfortably (and smartly) if you buy the right attire.
Bluffworks makes a comfortable and nearly wrinkle-free blazer for men who want to travel comfortably yet look put-together when they land. Throw it on with a pair of slacks and you’ll feel like you’re in your jammies. For the ladies, Travel Smith makes some professional-looking and comfortable attire that fits with nearly any business agenda.
The best travel pillow for your needs really depends on your sleep style and how you’re most comfortable. You may need to experiment some to find the right travel pillow for your needs.
If you’re a stomach sleeper, for example, the famous (and funny-looking) Skyrest Travel Pillow is one to consider. If you don’t mind your head tilting to the side, one of those U-shaped pillows could work wonders.
If you’re especially sensitive to sounds, noise-cancelling headphones can create a safe, quiet space while you fly. You can find a ton of options on for $30 and up.
This final tip is probably the most important: Bring a portable charger that can recharge your phone and other devices. While many flights have in-flight plug-ins, not all do. What would you do if your phone died and you were desperate for a game of Solitare?
Lots of companies give portable chargers away for free, but if you need one now and can’t wait for a freebie, you can buy them online for around $10.

As you get ready for busy travel summer season, airlines are setting a new record with investments into new aircraft, technology and overall customer experience.